Thanks SSIS Designer

Thanks to this confusing designer.

I was designing a package to pull data out from one Oracle database. I am using pure x64 environment, Windows 2008 R2 x64 + SQL Server 2008 R2 x64. When I started the design, I knew I need to install an Oracle client. Because the environment is pure x64. So I installed one x64 Oracle client.

Than I start design, the charm SSIS designer told me there was no proper Oracle provider installed. OK. My fault! I forgot Visual Studio us running under WOW32. So turn back, uninstall the x64 Oracle client, install x86 instead. Start design again. Done. Thanks God. This time I can connect to Oracle and view the table list.

When I finished my design, start running. The charm designer refused working again. It said there is no proper Oracle provider. And it added one comments plus “Might your provider was not 64 bit version!” Fxxk! Turn back, install Oracle client x64 again.

So, suggestion to all guys want to design SSIS package in x64 environment, you have download Oracle client for both x86 and x64. I’m so forward-looking, I named the app folder with “client_x32” when I installed the Oracle client x86 after I failed start design. Waha. Thanks, SSIS designer. Just want to ask “Why VS still left in x86 room when all MS product went to x64?”

BTW, don’t forget to you have to configure the Oracle service name in both x86 and x64 client.

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